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Where Have All the Workers Gone?

“Where have all the workers gone, Long time passing, Where have all the workers gone, Long time ago….” So I was reading a great piece in BloombergBusiness by Hugh Son and Margaret Collins today that talked about wealthy investors bypassing human advisers and going to robots for advice. I suppose it’s not surprising. Been in a paper mill lately? […]

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To Succeed, Who Do You Need to Please?

There was a time when I was an employee of a very large organization. As most people who want to get ahead, I found out that the key to success was pretty well defined – please the boss and keep the boss happy! Did keeping the boss happy improve the bottom line of the company? […]

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Using a Personal Credit Card for Business

Most business consultants, including myself, would not recommend making a practice of using personal  credit cards for business expenses. But, on the other hand, for small and startup companies, it may be a  necessity and the only viable option before business credit is established. So how do you keep the  books straight? The first thing […]

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How We Survived B.P. (Before PowerPoint)

I had to chuckle as I was going through some business articles talking about ways to revamp stale PowerPoint slides and whether using PowerPoint is so yesterday. Some may even want to know the answer to how we made presentations B.P. (Before PowerPoint). Well, I’ve got some experience on the subject. Years ago, when I […]

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Prioritizing a List of Choices

Often we are presented with selecting a single choice from many alternatives. One of the ways to systematically accomplish this is by using Pareto Voting. So who is this guy Pareto and why should I vote for him?  Wilfried Fritz Pareto was an Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, political scientist and, in his spare time, a philosopher […]

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Why Use QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is becoming very popular, and for good reason. I’m going to discuss some of these reasons, as well as some of the drawbacks. First of all you can have access to your data from a number of different devices. So you can access through browser, tablet, or even your phone. Mobile access is […]

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