To Succeed, Who Do You Need to Please?


Which way to go?

There was a time when I was an employee of a very large organization. As most people who want to get ahead, I found out that the key to success was pretty well defined – please the boss and keep the boss happy! Did keeping the boss happy improve the bottom line of the company? Hopefully, if all of those goals and objectives we set each year were all aligned with the true goals of the entity.

But were they? Sometimes yes, but sometimes no. One can move up the ladder by pleasing the boss, but perhaps this is not in the best interest of the organization.

But now you either own your own business or are a key employee (perhaps partner) in a closely held company. Oh how things change!

Now the road to success follows a different path:

The key to success is now pleasing your clients, and not the boss.  Things get a lot more complicated when you attempt to please your clients. They each have their own special needs and meeting those needs in total defines the success of your organization. This complicates your life as a key employee or owner and forces strategic thinking on how best to proceed.

Who said owning a business is a piece of cake? 


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